Home Painting Cairns – Is It A Good Idea To Paint Your Home Yourself?

Home Painting Cairns

You’re at home, looking around and start thinking it could do with a paint. You think you will do all the work yourself so it will be free.

You look at the team you have assembled,:

  • Your Wife
  • Your 6 year old
  • Your 8 year old.

So you start thinking. You will paint the roof, your wife can paint the walls and the kids can just be helpers. It will be easy and fun.

Twenty minutes later you start thinking you should give up your day job and start your own business as a professional painter.

Thirty minutes later you wonder out loud what other painting services you can offer.

One hour later you and your wife talk start talking about how you should expand and do Residential and Commercial painting all over Cairns.

Two hours later you start to think you will concentrate just on residential and leave the Commercial Painting up to someone else.

Three hours later you remember how hot Cairns can get, especially while painting!

Six hours later, you’re not talking to your wife and you can’t look at your kids because they have walked paint through the whole home. You don’t even want to look at another paint brush, let alone finish off the rest of the house!

So to answer the question. ABSOLUTELY NOT!!

Why We Recommend Getting Niesar Painting For All Your Painting Requirement

  1. We have experience and are a great team.
  2. We are a business based in Cairns and offer all the painting services you could possibly need.
  3. We are professional painters, unlike you and your family!
  4. We turn up on time.
  5. We paint the whole house both interior and exterior.
  6. We clean up after ourselves.
  7. We do all Residential/Commercial painting jobs.
  8. We are the perfect solution to all your painting needs.
  9. We are very reliable.

Here at Niesar Painting we guarantee to have the solution to all of your painting needs. So let us do all the work! We have all the experience and skills to do any painting job that you require.
Our service is second to none.

So why don’t you give us a call and we will come out and give you a quote for all your painting requirements.

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Cairns professional painters Niesar Painting, can assist with all painting services, including but not limited to new paints, repaints, seamless flooring, rendering, cool roof, painting maintenance and more.


John Niesar