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Cairns bedroom painting is usually a space dominated by one of two requirements, you’re renovating and want a fresh coat of paint, or you’re having a baby and want to paint the nursery. These are two great reasons to paint the bedroom, but here are a few more. You can customise your bedroom with colour. Whether you choose to repaint all the walls, or just the ceiling, or even add some painted features and accents, our work can really enhance the ambience of your bedroom.

So, let’s talk colours. Lots of clients prefer a traditional white, which enables them to add colour with linen, pillows and curtains or blinds. That’s one way to go and no doubt, bedrooms painted white are fresh and clean, inviting you to relax.

However, did you ever consider the benefits of darker tones when painting your Cairns bedroom? We’re not suggesting rich black, as that would probably make you feel hot up here, but how about some darker jewel or charcoal tones. By the sheer absence of brightness, the darker paint tones create a slumber space where you can block out the bright light of day.

Cairns Bedroom PaintingCairns Bedroom Painting
Cairns Bedroom PaintingCairns Bedroom Painting

Cairns Bedroom Painting Colours & Trends

If dark isn’t your thing, what about pastels and neutrals? We’re not talking the baby blue, pink and yellows of the nursery, we’re talking lavender, teal or even a green to complement the lush surrounding gardens and landscapes we’re so lucky to have up here. If you think that would be too much, then talk to us about combining a contrast colour with white window trims and cornice for your Cairns bedroom painting project.

Exposed beams and painted bedroom features are also popular. There’s nothing quite like a vaulted white ceiling with exposed timber beams to bring a sense of grandeur into your boudoir. Or skip the bedhead and let us create something special with your favourite design and paint colours.

Another element Niesar Painting can advise and deliver for your Cairns bedroom painting is texture and finish. Gloss, semi-gloss, matt and more. If you want to work with a professional to get beautiful results for your Cairns bedroom painting, then contact Niesar Painting today on 0431 039 508 or email Our quotes are free and when you use us, you can count on having our innovation applied.

Cairns Bedroom PaintingCairns Bedroom Painting
Cairns Bedroom PaintingCairns Bedroom Painting

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