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Cairns kitchen painting services delivered to make the heart of your home, as beautiful as the food you prepare there. That’s what we do at Niesar Painting. We’re passionate about paint and the difference it can make, either with bold splashes of colour or minimalist tones to bring a calming feeling to the kitchen.

We’ve worked with home owners, builders and real estate agents to create some truly beautiful Cairns kitchens. Painting everything from the ceilings and walls to cabinetry and cornices. Do we have a favourite style or colour combination? No. We pick the colours to either deliver your ‘look book’ wishes or bring a contemporary, timeless look to suit your property and personal style.

So, let’s talk Cairns kitchen painting and some of the styles and colours we’ve already achieved for our many, happy customers. Some inner-city townhouses had been redeveloped to incorporate modern urban trends, including seamless flooring with a flaked concrete finish. The interior walls were bright white, to bring in crispness and light. So, to bring all the elements and colours together in the kitchen, there’s white countertops with dark charcoal cabinetry and fascia front at the breakfast bar. High gloss enamel framing on adjacent doors completes it beautifully.

Cairns Kitchen PaintingCairns Kitchen Painting
Cairns Kitchen PaintingCairns Kitchen Painting

More Examples of our Kitchen Painting Cairns

Meanwhile in Port Douglas, kitchen painting paired with epoxy flooring and industrial black fittings and features, created a timeless, elegant colour palette for the rest of the house. This high-end property painting combined matt and gloss to deliver shine and style, making our customers smile.

What other colour combinations have we used in some of our Cairns kitchen painting projects? Blue in various shades, combined with a gloss or matt white is always a nice touch for beachside or coastal properties. This looks particularly effective with polished timber floors or white tiles.

Gray in all its shades, paired with white, works well in kitchens of most homes. This includes traditional Queenslanders and modern properties. Although some might think it’s a bit too ‘Hamptons’ for Cairns, it’s very practical and peaceful.

We’ve also completed some Cairns kitchen painting projects using a combination of both these shades, a blue grey palette which worked beautifully with the stainless appliances and furniture. If you want to work with a professional to get beautiful results for your Cairns kitchen painting, contact John at Niesar Painting on 0431 039 508 or email Our quotes are free and when you use us, you can count on having our innovation applied.

Cairns Kitchen PaintingCairns Kitchen Painting
Cairns Kitchen PaintingCairns Kitchen Painting

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