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Cairns roof coating specialists are Niesar Painting. We use first class products, to provide durable performance, meeting the challenges of our tough tropical conditions. Whether you’re putting on a new roof or restoring an existing one, we can help achieve professional results which not only look great but will help keep your property cooler.

The Dulux cool roof and roof coating products come in a range of traditional and contemporary colours. They can be applied to tile or metal roofs, making them perfect for pretty much all roof types across Cairns and North Queensland.

Benefits of Cairns Roof Coating & Roof Painting

The Dulux range of cool roof products is suitable for residential and commercial applications. It’s lead free and forms a non-toxic film which is surprisingly robust. It’s also generally touch dry within 30 minutes, which means we can re-coat within the same day, making it quick and easy. The Dulux cool roof products resist pollution and chemical attack and minimise dirt retention. Niesar Painting are Dulux Accredited and offer a 5-Year Warranty on all of our Cairns roof coating and painting services completed using Dulux products.

Cairns Roof CoatingCairns Roof Coating
Cairns Roof CoatingCairns Roof Coating

Our Cairns Roof Painting Services

Our Cairns roof painting services are provided by experienced professionals, using quality paint. This means we sometimes aren’t the cheapest in town, but when you choose us, you have the peace of mind of knowing you receive a 5-Year Warranty on our work and your Cairns roof painting services.

Why is this important? A few years ago, we quoted on painting a house roof, but didn’t get the job due to price. Two years later, that same client was back in touch. Within 6 months of having their house painted by someone other than Niesar Painting, their roof was black with mould and rust was bleeding through the paint due to poor preparation. In addition, it was peeling in some areas.

Niesar Painting brought their Cairns roof painting skills to the rescue. We pressure cleaned the roof at 4,000psi and primed every single screw. We then applied Dulux Prep Treat, which is a clear water based low toxicity fungal and algal treatment, designed to be applied and left on pre-cleaned surfaces prior to subsequent coating systems, providing a residual sterilising effect.

This Cairns roof painting job was completed with the application of a Primer and two top coats of x10 Semi Gloss. The end result was happy customer and great looking roof, but unfortunately they ended up paying twice, to get the job done. So, if your roof is looking faded, chalky or mouldy, contact us for a free quote on our professional Cairns roof painting services.

Cairns Roof CoatingCairns Roof Coating
Cairns Roof CoatingCairns Roof Coating
Cairns Renovation Painters

Renovation Painting

At Niesar Painting, we aren’t builders, but we are the Cairns renovation painting specialists. Check out this case study on an old Queenslander brought back to life.

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Cairns Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

We use professional products, specifically chosen to suit their intended purpose and our tropical conditions. We provide honest advice and quality services.

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Interior Painting

Once the roof is sorted, why not think about refreshing your internal appearance as well. Niesar Painting provide quality work, with attention to detail.

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Cairns professional painters Niesar Painting, can assist with all painting services, including but not limited to new paints, repaints, seamless flooring, rendering, cool roof, painting maintenance and more.


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